A memorandum of understanding between the University of Tokyo and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency on cooperation concerning computational science research has been agreed on January 31, 2011 to share a desire to cooperate more closely, based on the agreement between the University of Tokyo and the Japan Atomic Energy Agency on the cooperation concerning promotion of the cooperation has been agreed on April 8, 2008. Thereafter, RACE (Research into Artifact, Center for Engineering) and CCSE (Center of Computational Science and e-systems) intend to obtain solutions in the field of artifacts in nuclear science and computational science by frequent research exchanging in daily and broadly. The collaboration has started with Professor Okuda, Associate Professor Okita and six visiting researchers (Masayuki Tani, Hiroshi Takemiya, Masahiko Machida, Akemi Nishida, Mitsuhiro Itakura, Susumu Yamada) since the middle of 2012.

Study in fusion of artifact engineering and computational science

RACE and CCSE have shared a research issue to integrated "the simulation environment for the large-scaled and complicated artifact". As collaboration, lectures, seminars, and workshops have been held from the viewpoint of computational science and artifact engineering. As a cooperative research activity, middleware for high performance computing has been developed for structure analysis and the modeling of materials properties evaluations.