bldg 16, Komaba-II Campus
(Since November 1993)


Research Complex, Kashiwa Campus
(Since April 2005)

1992 Apr.
Foundation of RACE, Start of Grant-in-Aid Program:
"Research into Intelligent Artifacts for the Generalization of Engineering"
1992 Nov.
First RACE Symposium
1993 Oct.
First International RACE Symposium
1993 Nov.
Relocation to Komaba-II Campus
1994 Nov.
2nd RACE Symposium
1995 Oct.
3rd RACE Symposium
1996 Nov.
2nd International RACE Symposium
1997 Mar.
End of Grant-in Aid Program:
"Research into Intelligent Artifacts for the Generalization of Engineering"
1998 Jun.
4th RACE Symposium
1999 Sep.
5th RACE Symposium
2000 Mar.
RACE Evaluation Conference at Race
2000 Oct.
First RACE Colloquium
2001 Feb.
RACE International Conference at Awaji, Japan
2001 Jun.
2nd RACE Colloquium
2001 Oct.
3rd RACE Colloquium
2002 Mar
6th RACE Symposium
2002 Apr.
Establishment of Life Cycle Engineering, Digital Value Engineering, Service Engineering and Co-creation Engineering Divisions
2002 Jul.
4th RACE Colloquium
2002 Dec.
5th RACE Colloquium
Commemorative Ceremony for starting the RACE's Second Period
2003 May
6th RACE Colloquium
2003 Dec.
7th RACE Colloquium
2004 Apr.
8th RACE Colloquium
2004 Jul.
9th RACE Colloquium
2004 Dec.
10th RACE Colloquium
2005 Jan.
7th RACE Symposium
2005 Apr.
Relocation to Kashiwa Campus
2005 Dec.
Establishment of Value Creation Initiative (Sumitomo Corporation) Research Division
(Until March 2010)
2005 Dec.
11th RACE Colloquium
2006 May
Symposium for Establishment of Value Creation Initiative (Sumitomo Corporation) Division
2006 Oct.
12th RACE Colloquium
2006 Dec.
13th RACE Colloquium
2007 Mar.
14th RACE Colloquium
2007 Nov.
15th RACE Colloquium (2nd Value Creation Symposium)
2008 Mar.
16th RACE Colloquium
2009 Jul.
17th RACE Colloquium
2009 Sep.
RACE Special Symposium
2010 Jan.
18th RACE Colloquium
2010 Mar.
19th RACE Colloquium
2011 Mar.
20th RACE Colloquium
2011 Apr.
Start of Collaborative Research with Japan Atomic Energy Agency,
Center for Computational Science & e-Systems (CCSE):
"Integrated Simulation for Large-Scale Complex Artifacts"
2012 Jan.
21st RACE Colloquium
2012 Oct.
22nd RACE Colloquium
2012 Dec.
20th Anniversary Colloquium of RACE (23rd Colloquium)
2013 Apr.
Establishment of Socio-Artifactology and Human-Artifactology Divisions